Career Transition

“I had mentorship through the whole process; even afterwards, they were always communicating and motivating me.”
– Tawanda H.

After completing formal career training, students/graduates often need guidance and support in their process of transitioning to part- or full-time jobs. TBG helps students/graduates with transitioning Career Transitionquickly and successfully into new jobs and career opportunities.

The primary focus of our career transition services is to help students/graduates navigate and embrace change, prepare for and obtain employment.

TBG’s career transition services begin with educating individuals about the career paths available within specific industry sectors.

Other services include:

  • Assessing each student’s core values and competencies
  • Providing individually tailored career coaching and counseling
  • Organizing work readiness workshops such as: resume writing and cover letter, interviewing skills and professional attire
  • Providing information on career fairs and other networking events
  • Providing job placement referrals
  • Recommending further education and training opportunities for new certifications and career advancement

TBG promotes job development through direct contact with employers and employment agencies. Working closely with industry organizations, TBG communicates student potential and refers graduates to meet their workforce needs.