Why is training important?

Why is Training Important? With the pandemic and economic shutdown, the rate of unemployment is at an all-time high. As the struggle continues with the lack of available jobs and difficulty surrounding childcare, housing, and many other impacted areas – we understand it’s tough to be thinking about the future

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Big 10 Contact Tracer Giveaway!

Who wants FREE training? We’re giving away 10 contact tracer program spots! COVID-19 and 2020 in general has affected each and every one of us. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season and in an effort to add some positivity out there, TBG Trains wants to show our gratitude

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Introducing We See Potential

Introducing We See Potential TBG Trains’ mission has always been to help underserved communities by offering job training that can open doors to new work opportunities. But a common problem that we’ve seen is that individuals struggle knowing where to start or what path may be right for them. They

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