Big 10 Contact Tracer Giveaway!

Who wants FREE training? We're giving away 10 contact tracer program spots!

COVID-19 and 2020 in general has affected each and every one of us. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season and in an effort to add some positivity out there, TBG Trains wants to show our gratitude for our ten years in business by giving away ten spots to our contract tracer certification program. This giveaway is our way of giving back to the community. We want to show our gratitude for the journey we’ve been on for the past ten years by offering ten individuals the opportunity to gain a new, in-demand skill. Due to COVID-19 the demand for public health workers and contact tracers has exploded. With the level of unemployment and an incredibly competitive job market, it is more important than ever to be equipped with the necessary and desirable skills that hiring managers are looking for. 

What is a contact tracer? 

    • They inform the community about symptoms, facts and figures, and action that needs to be taken if one suspects they have the virus. 
    • They trace potential exposure areas, especially those that are working in jobs that come in contact with a lot of people such as those in healthcare, education or public service professions. 
    • They point people in the right direction towards programs and resources for affected individuals.
    • Provide follow-up, goal setting with patients/families, assist patients with completing applications and registration forms, conduct eligibility determination, enrollment and follow-up with uninsured patients, help patients connect with local resources (including transportation availability), be knowledgeable about community needs and resources for patients/families.

Why our program?

Our program helps people understands the role of a COVID-19 Contact Tracer. A contact tracer’s job is to identify those that may have come in contact with an infected person and assist the infected person as necessary. Most free programs allowing individuals to become COVID-19 Contact Tracers are the equivalent of allowing someone to get their drivers license without ever actually driving a car. Our program explains the need for contact tracers, gives their history and information on other diseases that have needed contact tracers in the community outside of COVID-19. We also cover interview techniques, how to overcome objections/refusals, HIPAA requirements and community referrals to other community-based organizations. Most importantly we role-play COVID-19 Contact Tracer interviews with each participants, offer critiques for improvement, to ensure that by the end of our program, participants are comfortable and prepared to be successful.

Giveaway Details 

Applications for the program are due by Dec. 2rd. 

Program Dates: – Dec. 7th -10th, Dec. 12th, Dec. 19th. 

Program Times: To Be Announced

To enter you must complete the application by the deadline (12/2) and post a 30sec video on your FB or Insta about an opportunity or experience during the last year that you are grateful for. You can find examples by our staff on our social media pages. Don’t forget to tag us (@tbgtrains) so that we can find the video!

“TBG Trains has been very fortunate to be here to celebrate our ten-year anniversary.  So many small businesses do not last the first five years, and we are just so grateful to do the work we LOVE and serve those who are often overlooked.  As we reflect during this upcoming holiday season and think about our gifts and talents, EVERYONE has them.  Ours is training, coaching, and motivating assisting people on their journey to employment, or educational goals they have set for themselves.  Yay!  To our ten-year anniversary and we cannot wait to see your videos! How will you use yours?” – Vivica Brooks, Owner & President of TBG Trains