Introducing We See Potential

Introducing We See Potential

TBG Trains’ mission has always been to help underserved communities by offering job training that can open doors to new work opportunities. But a common problem that we’ve seen is that individuals struggle knowing where to start or what path may be right for them. They need a coach to encourage them to see their potential and strategize on how to achieve it. This is where We See Potential comes in. We See Potential is a non-profit organization that will provide coaching through various ways to the underserved communities across the country.

Vivica Brooks, founder and president of TBG Trains, was inspired through her own coaching experience to find a way to offer the same to populations that wouldn’t otherwise have access to coaching. Here is her explanation for why she started We See Potential. “Coaching has really assisted me on my own journey, and I continue the practice through my professional life and personal life. As a coaching student of iPEC and soon a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), when I think about the value coaching has added to my life, I think, no strike that, I know that it should be available to everyone.” 

“My passion for wanting underserved and marginalized populations to reach their full potential started with TBG Trains, training individuals for their WOW (World of Work). Over the past ten years of offering training, I have realized that we are so quick to push vocational training, which is very important. However, equally important is taking a look at the barriers that may hinder someone from successfully entering and staying in the workforce. These issues MUST be addressed, and one way to do that is by offering support while in the workforce and beyond.”

“Executives and Superstars have credited coaching with making a difference in their lives both professionally and personally. So, you know me, always with a question, “Why wouldn’t we offer this same coaching to everyone. The pandemic has brought about the phrase” We are all in this together” really though…. are we? How are we using this time, introspectively, to examine or evaluate what our next move should be? Reflecting on where we have been and what we would like to do next? WHOA (Wellness, Hope, Opportunity, and Access)! Coaching is an integral part of WSP’s mission to ensure that those who need and want coaching have access. Like with education, your zip code should not determine your potential.”

If you would like to learn more about We See Potential or WSP, check out the website:

Also, check out this video where Vivica Brooks shares more about the launch of the organization and her heart behind starting it!