Healthy Habits to Keep in Mind When Working From Home 

Healthy Habits to Keep in Mind When Working From Home

As we’ve adjusted to the world of virtual work, it’s easy to let healthy habits slide, especially when we thought all of this would be temporary. For now, though, it’s looking like we might be here a while, so it’s time to settle in. Working from home has become the new normal as a safer alternative to heading into the office. While avoiding the commutes and having more family time can be quite the blessing, as we settle into this new work life, we have to remember that there is still a job to be done, hours to be present, and bosses to please.

Here are three tips for a healthy, prosperous work-at-home life:

1. Establish a Routine: The pandemic has caused an interruption to all of our regular routines. Whether you are missing that rush-hour traffic on the beltway or the freedom of being able to go out without wearing a mask, things have changed for now. These changes can cause extra stress or instability, and the way to cope with that is by establishing a routine. In the same way you would have typically gotten up, made some coffee, eaten breakfast, gotten kids ready for school, and then headed to work, figure out what caring for yourself and those around you looks like during this time. Figure out the hours you are doing to work and those you will do other things. We’ll talk a little bit more about schedules later on. Long story short, the repetitive actions that you have during your routine can give you more of a sense of normalcy and an expectation of what your day will look like. 

2. Have a Designated Workspace: Typically at an office, you have a desk, maybe some conference rooms or meeting places. You go in with a mindset ready to get to work, and you leave with a mindset that you are done for the day. You might have a distracting coworker here or there but none as distracting as a little one yelling “mom” and running through the house with a dog while you are trying to focus. Choose a place in your home where you can avoid distractions as much as possible. Also, try to choose a place that will only be used to work. It is important to keep work-life and home life separate, which can be difficult if both exist in your bed or on the kitchen table. Creating a space that is solely for the purpose of working will make it easier for you to focus and keep the right perspective.

3. Stay on a Schedule: Schedules help us stay sane. They help us protect our priorities and achieve what we set out to do. In the same way, having a solid routine helps provide stability and expectation, working on a schedule helps us be productive when working while knowing that there will be a distinct end-time where you are done with work for the day. Your work schedule will be heavily reliant on the type of work you are doing and the company you are working for’s expectations. That being said, remember to give yourself breaks, and during those times, try to leave your workspace to get a change of scenery.

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