Calling on AAA: Skills to get you on the road to being a stellar employee

Calling on AAA: Skills to get you on the road to being stellar employee.

It’s easy to get sidetracked in the world of virtual work. Not only are we adjusting to a new workspace and way of getting the job done, but we also have to manage the challenges that come from being at home. Whether you are trying to find a new job or continuing one with changes caused by the pandemic, there are qualities that your employer is looking for you to bring every day. These qualities will not only help you in your career path, but they will also help you in every aspect of your life. When trying to make a great impression, AAA is always there to help.

So what is AAA? Fyi we aren’t talking about the car service.

AAA is definitely something that will save you when you're getting a job, keeping a job and growing your career

AAA stands for AttitudeAppearance, and Attendance. These attributes will help you be present, move forward, look the part, and become the employee every boss is looking for. 

Attitude, Having a Positive Mindset: It is easy to simply exist during the workday, especially when working from home. Bosses are looking for employees who show up to work and bring their ideas, creativity, and a strong work ethic. If you can bring a positive attitude to work, it will keep you moving forward and help you stand out as a valuable employee. Positivity is the key to confidence, which you need to advance your career and achieve your goals. So when you get to work, try to set the goal of staying positive all day and try to find areas where you can shine to your boss. It’s not just about showing up; it’s about showing up ready to be the best that you can be. 

Attendance, Showing UpEmployers are looking for reliability. They want employees that show up ready for the workday. Whether it is coming to meetings on time, showing up for every shift, or making sure proper notice is given when you need time off, dependability is an essential characteristic of a stellar employee. The same rules apply for virtual work, despite there being less oversight. 

Appearance, Looking the Part You Want to PlayEven when working from home, presentation and appearance are essential. If you are starting a new job, figure out the dress code expected depending on the company culture, position, and seeing what others around you are wearing. Dress the part that you want to play.

Watch TBG Trains Founder & President Vivica Brooks talk more about AAA and the attributes employers are looking for in their ideal employee.