Adaptability – A TRUE Key to Thriving

Adaptability: A TRUE Key to Success

As we go through this unprecedented time of having to adjust every aspect of our lives to accommodate a global pandemic, it is important to take a step back sometimes and pause.  It is easy to become frustrated, annoyed and stir-crazy with all of the changes and while we have the right to dwell in that headspace, it doesn’t help us stay moving forward. So instead, let’s try to see the positive and reflect on what we DO have and the lessons we’ve learned.

At TBG Trains, we have had to make a lot of adjustments to the way that our company functions, in order to continue to provide relevant training while keeping our trainers, staff and students safe. 

“So far, I have learned that as a small business owner celebrating our 10th year that we are truly ADAPTABLE. March 2020, who knew that when we were asked to leave our classrooms due to COVID-19 that 7 months later we would still be out of the classroom. Two weeks, TOPS, I thought then we would go back and keep doing the great work we have always done. Weeks turned into months and months are now going to turn into the rest of 2020, however through it all adaptability has helped us weather this new terrain.”

By diligently working hard and following the direction of our fearless leader, we have been able to adapt quickly to the need of our community.  Brooks explains how and what changes have taken place, “I have THE BEST TEAM, and a client that has allowed us to be creative in achieving our outcomes and serving the community.  Within a few weeks we went from teaching on campus to all-virtual with a brand-new program (Community Health Worker/Contact Tracer)  that aligned with assisting others and serving the community through the COVID-19 crisis.” 


With all the uncertainty, here is what we know for sure:

We care about people and their SUCCESS.

We strive for EXCELLENCE as trainers, coaches, and mentors.

We have a PASSION for helping those who are underserved.

Holding true to who we are and what we do has helped us weather the storm. Being adaptable to whatever is thrown our way has kept us afloat and unshaken. We will continue to see every challenge in our path as an opportunity to grow ourselves. We challenge you to do the same. We are all in this together and need to continue to support each other. 

We also ask that you support small businesses wherever you can as all are being affected by the pandemic. “Small businesses can and have been able to be the engine of ingenuity and promise, but must have the support in place to turn those promises into realities,” says Vivica Brooks.  Together, if we keep our heads up, stay flexible and look to the future, we will not only survive, we will thrive. 

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