Student Success Stories

Skyler's Story

Program: TBG Hospitality Bootcamp

Skyler, a student from our Hospitality Bootcamp training program that was empowered to pursue a career at Marriott and is in the process of starting her own company. During her time at TBG Trains she put in the work and learned valuable skills that allowed her to enter the hospitality industry. Learn more about her story, her goals and her advice for prospective students.


What is your current position?
I’m unemployed due to COVID, but I was working for Marriott headquarters in sales. However, I am working on my business; I want to open a coffee shop.

How did TBG Trains prepare you for the workforce?
It (TBG Trains’ Hospitality course) literally gave me all the knowledge I needed for hospitality. First off, it gave me a certificate which helped on my resume. They also took us on trips and learning about the city of DC helped me excel in my field, hospitality, especially when people from out of town would come in and ask me what there was to do in the city. Almost everyone in my class was a DC native, except for me, so it really helped to be able to know good places to see or go to eat.

Why did you decide to enroll?
I’ve always wanted to go back to school even though the training isn’t legitimately school, it was close. I was tired and ready to move with life and I knew once I finished the program, it would really push me ahead into my career. Ms. Brooks and the teachers were determined to see us learn something whether it was in hospitality or anything and I wanted to learn something to get a job and boost my resume skills. Everything about the class was legit; there were tests, exams, homework. I mean I was on the roll with everything, so it was definitely like real class. I didn’t feel like I was wasting my time even though these credits weren’t going towards a degree and I was still able to get a certificate out of it.

What was the best part about being a student with TBG Trains?
The great part was when we did the sightseeing and getting to know the city. That helped me when I started working at one of the Marriott locations. We did the trolly and then went to dinner. Whenever I worked at the hotel I could tell people which trains to catch and what there is to do around here, what to see, and what’s going on. A lot of the girls within my class were native to Washington DC, but since I wasn’t I didn’t know as much about the city.

What was the hardest part about your journey to success?
Personal issues can get in the way, so sometimes it was hard to study. There were times where it was difficult to study, but I was blessed to have Hospitality course in 2018 had (my training) before COVID because I can’t do anything online.I did Entrepreneurship and that was fun although it was online.

What advice do you have for future student?
I would tell them to not give up. I saw a lot of people without focus and that’s why a lot of people dropped out. Some people focus on the wrong stuff but you really have to know what you want and hang in there.

Can you tell me more about your business?
Well the business plan has been written out and I’m expecting to open in march. I actually have an interview with the owner of a farmer’s market. She’s going to sample some of my juices because she’s interested in having me sell them at the farmer’s market. The thing is my juices have to be prepared fresh and on the spot for them to have the effect, taste, and consistency I want people to experience. Right now, I’m not selling out of a storefront, so I’ve applied to grants and I’ve done some crowdfunding for support, but a year from today I hope I’ll be able to have my own shop.

What made you want to open a coffee shop?
Coffee is my passion. I love it. I worked at a coffee shop and I just love coffee. But, I’ll also be selling fresh juices made with a blend of coconut milk and juices. With my coffee shop, what I want to do is actively help the homeless community here in DC. I just hope it all works out!