Leitsa Training Success Story

“I think I did pretty well.”

Leitsa S. says she found a renewed confidence in herself and her abilities as a result of TBG’s Hospitality Boot Camp. Leitsa is among a growing number of entry-level hospitality industry professionals entering the field as a result of the Hospitality Boot Camp, a class she enrolled in through Washington, D.C.’s United Planning Organization.

In addition to introducing students to the behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts of the hospitality industry, TBG’s training also helped them prep for job interviews. Students participated in mock interviews so they can feel comfortable and confident as they meet with potential employers.

Leitsa says with assurance that the mock interview practice helped her when she interviewed at Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc.

“I nailed it in the very first interview.”

She said she felt supported through the entire process. While the Hospitality Boot Camp helped her get mentally ready it was Suited for Change, an organization that provides professional clothing to women who are actively seeking employment, that set up Leitsa with suits for her interviews.

Leitsa is now working at the Harris Teeter in Washington, D.C., as a Fresh Foods/Deli-Bakery Customer Service Clerk.

TBG’s Hospitality Boot Camp instills in students to put a premium on customer service. Leitsa lists her number one duty at Harris Teeter as “making sure we give 100-percent, excellent customer service.”

Lesson learned.