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  • Testimonial
    Baker, Hospitality Training

    "Thanks to The Brooks Group training program, I have found my dream job and I don't see myself leaving it at all", says Baker. Regarding the instructor, he adds, "not only was she knowledgeable about the topics covered, she was so resourceful and inspirational." Read Baker's full story

  • Testimonial
    Leitsa S., Hospitality Boot Camp

    “I think I did pretty well.” Leitsa is among a growing number of entry-level hospitality industry professionals entering the field as a result of the Hospitality Boot Camp, a class she enrolled in through Washington, D.C.’s United Planning Organization. Read Leitsa's full story... 2

  • Testimonial
    Ralph D. , Hospitality Program

    He says the class gave students all-around knowledge about the industry that you can take with you. In addition to insight about hospitality, Ralph says he learned core soft skills including how to work on his professionalism. Read Ralph's full story4

  • Testimonial
    Horace J., Hospitality Bootcamp

    Being out of work can feel isolating but for Horace J. enrolling in The Brooks Group, LLC’s Hospitality Boot Camp, via Washington, D.C.’s United Planning Organization, eased things. Read Horace's full story

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